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GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

GATE Philosophy
The San Jacinto Unified School District (SJUSD) GATE program supports a quality educational program for all gifted and talented students in order to develop knowledge, skills, abilities and values that will empower them to reach their full potential.  SJUSD recognizes that the gifted and talented population warrants a qualitatively differentiated program within the regular classroom setting to meet their special needs.
Program Administration
The GATE program is administered through the SJUSD Curriculum and Instruction department within the division of Educational Services.
SJUSD remains committed to identifying and offering enrichment opportunities for our gifted and talented students.
Program Description
Differentiation of the core curriculum in order to provide advanced learning opportunities in an environment that encourages students to reach their full potential is the foundation of the SJUSD GATE program.  GATE services are integrated into the regular school day, and as a result, students may be grouped throughout the day for extended learning opportunities.  Ongoing staff development continues to provide expert knowledge to ensure that best practices for gifted students are used.  Independent learning activities, Advanced Placement or Honors classes may be offered at various site.
The district first identifies students as being potentially gifted and talented at the end of second grade.  With parent permission, all students enrolled in third grade are screened for identification; their classroom teacher, site administrator or parent may refer all other students in grades 3-8 for screening.  The district's identification procedures are equitable, comprehensive and ongoing.  All students are eligible for consideration for identification as potentially gifted and talented.  Students are evaluated using multiple criteria.